Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Game Over

How many chances can you give a player?

Akili Smith was a top five pick several years ago by the Bengals when they were the ‘Bunguls’. After back to back disappointing season Akili Smith kind of disappeared and became the third or fourth stringer at certain times. The Buccaneers where Smith’s last team to give him chance as they allocated him to NFL Europe this past season. Yet he did not impress anybody when over there and was just recently released. I don’t see a career in the NFL for Akili Smith anymore.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cutting Ties

We already know about the salary cap issues surrounding the Buccaneers. And in a move to make more space, I would expect the Bucs to release running back Charlie Garner, guard Matt Stinchcomb, and tackle Todd Stuessie. It is a shame to see Garner go; he is a hard, up hill runner. It is quite possible that his career will come to and end. If money is still an issue there could be a surprise cut among McFarland, Rice, or even Brooks.